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Our GOAL is to provide players rich opportunities to develop character, fitness, skill, and game sense in the world's most popular game: SOCCER!

We believe:
Community is a KEY ingredient in helping players achieve their best. Worthington provides superb resources: Worthington Parks and Recreation fields, Worthington Schools Fields, 
the United Soccer Learning Center (practice facility housed at Phoenix/Perry Middle School), the Worthington Recreation Center (indoor and training opportunities), Thomas Worthington and Worthington Kilbourne stadium turf, outdoor street soccer venues, a central location with our practice facility, a committed sponsoring organization (Worthington Youth Boosters), and most importantly an incredible group of community members.

Providing opportunities to develop young players can happen right here in our community. Many of the best international soccer stars honed their skills and JOY for the game in their local environment: pick-up games, street soccer, futsal. Our vision is to create this environment right here in Worthington. US Soccer recommends limited travel for young players. This makes sense in many ways: lower cost and commitment to families, less burnout by the age of 12, an opportunity to play and crosstrain in other sports, more time to be a family, less driving around Ohio for league play, and more opportunities to 'be a kid'.

Our goal is to help players become the best they can be while enjoying their experience. To achieve this goal we believe strongly in cultivating the 4 areas of Player Development.

Character: We have adopted John Wooden's Pyramid of Success as the heart and sole of our character education. Why not borrow from one of the best coaches in the history of sport?

Fitness: Soccer players need to be agile, quick, and have lasting endurance. Through objective fitness assessments we can help players know where they currently are, set goals to get where they want to be, and reassess to see progress. We also encourage a basic S.E.E. Principle for life - Sleep the right amount for your age and activity time; Eat healthy and nutritious foods, and exercise 60 minutes a day. 
Jeff Turner, a career fitness and life trainer and developer of Fit2Play, oversees our players’ fitness development.
**Our first two Player Development Spokes are lifelong lessons that will outlast time on the soccer field and will develop habits that will help them through their schooling years.

Skill: So much JOY in sport comes from learning and building skill. We have a focused plan for all teams and players to develop skill 
needed IN game situations, and we WILL continually develop our players' comfort, confidence and creativity on the ball.

Game Sense: We want our players to UNDERSTAND HOW to play the game of soccer in a joyous, brave and competitive manner. Through watching the game (at team functions), focusing on a possession and attacking style, and through informal 'street soccer' sessions, we WILL develop a 'soccer brain' for our players that will enhance their JOY for the game.
**Our second two Player Development Spokes are specific to experiencing the JOY of soccer.